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EUUNI, was premiered as host’s on Boston’s Local Neighborhood Network Channel. Provided with an opportunity to passionately express the need for unification amongst Black families, youth, and communities. Thoroughly conveying the instant need for togetherness, for our future generation’s ahead.

Winter Drive


Preparing for cold winters in New England,

Special thanks to Dimock Health Center and The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, for making this event possible! With unification, together we were able to distribute to over 50 homeless men and women with blankets, warm clothing, shoes, hoodies, hats & scarfs, and bags.

Help the Homeless


Distributing over 40 home-cooked meals,in addition, EUUNI, supplied light toiletries to women, men, children & families; surrounding one of Boston’s major hospitals, Boston Medical Center. Everyone at some point in life needs a lended hand and warm smile. We see individuals for who they are, not by their situation with no stigmas or judgement attached. Giving back to our community provides hope and security for the upcoming generations to follow.